Guide: Create your account using the Publisher Control Panel

Sign up

In order to start using the tallytoo service, you first need to register as a publisher with tallytoo. Click here to create your account!

Once you have signed up (and confirmed your email address, if you signed up using your email), you are now ready to register your company, blog or website. Note that tallytoo allows a single user to register and manage multiple accounts.

Register your website, blog or company

In the Select a publisher menu, click on Register a new publisher. You are required to submit a certain amount of information concerning your organisation, blog or website. Note: if you are a private citizen with a personal blog or website, you can just write None in the field “Company registration number”. Click the Register button.

Tallytoo will be notified immediately of your registration, and will contact you as soon as possible to confirm your account, and discuss how you wish to be paid. Once your account is verified, you will receive an email. You can log in to the publisher portal, and select your publisher to access its dashboard.

Currently, you account is Inactive, meaning that the tallytoo button will not show up on your website, even if you have integrated it . This is a convenient way of testing your integration before activating it on your site.

Setup your website integration

For now, go to the Integration menu. You need to provide the domain of the website that will use the tallytoo button (be sure to include http or https!). Be sure to list all the domains you may use to run or test your website (for example, http://localhost).

You also need to create an API key:

Activating tallytoo on your website

By default, your account is inactive. This means that the tallytoo button will not appear on your website, even if you have integrated it using the WordPress plugin or native javascript.

This is useful for close-loop testing of the tallytoo button. In the inactive mode, only Test Users will see the tallytoo button. You can create an impersonate Test Users in the Test Users menu.

To activate the tallytoo button on your website, select your publisher name, and then click the Activate button.