What is it?

The tallytoo button is a simple button that you integrate into your website, at the precise location where you wish to monetize your content.

tallytoo button

An opt-in solution, your user chooses to click this button, interact with ads and earn points, and spend these points to access your content.

Tallytoo pays you the monetary equivalent for all the points spent on your content.

Try it for yourself

Here is a sample paywall that you can integrate into your website, that includes both a traditional monetization option, and the tallytoo option.

Go ahead and give it a try! There is a surprise waiting for you once you unlock the content!


The following content is reserved for subscribers.

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Congratulations !

You have just unlocked some content using the tallytoo button!

Tallytoo will pay you (the publisher, content-creator, or site-owner) the monetary value of the point spent on your site.

Monetize in your own unique way

Tallytoo understands and supports your unique monetization strategy.

An alternative on your paywall

Do you already have a paywall? No problem, the tallytoo button integrates seamlessly alongside your existing subscription options. Keep your readers who quit as soon as they see a paywall, by giving them an option that does not require a credit-card!

A donate-wall

Are you hesitant to add a paywall, for fear of losing your users? No problem, use the tallytoo button to let your users show their support if they so desire, while still giving them free access to the content.

Use this option for a strong incitement to support your content.

Never lock content, but request a donation

Is your policy to never lock content? No problem! Include the tallytoo button to your editorial content, and let your users donate.

Integrates seamlessly with your site theme

As a site owner, we understand that you have your own unique visual aesthetic. As such, the tallytoo button is entirely customizable.

How do I start earning?

Sign up for a free publisher account

Publisher membership is free. We just need a few details about your organisation (how to make payments to you, for example), and your web-site setup (for security reasons).

Add the tallytoo button to your website

We provide the tallytoo button as a free plugin for major CMS platforms (Wordpress, etc.). Otherwise, you can integrate the tallytoo button using a few lines of html and javascript code.

You decide how to use the tallytoo button on your website: as a paywall or as a donation button.

Your audience clicks the tallytoo button

When your customer clicks the tallytoo button and he/she has enough points, tallytoo records the transaction and sends a signed authorization token to your webpage. Your website is free to respond appropriately, by presenting the premium content for example.

You get paid by tallytoo

Over the course of a month, tallytoo tallies the points spent on your website, and we pay you the monetary equivalent.

Simple to integrate

Tallytoo-wall for WordPress

Do you have a WordPress site? Install our WordPress plugin that automatically creates your paywall, donate-wall or donate request.

Know some Javascript?

Include the tallytoo button with just a few lines of code.

Do you have another CMS?

Contact us! For a limited time, we are offering free integration support for the most popular CMS solutions  (offer valid for a limited time, retractable at any moment).

Intelligent & best-effort

The tallytoo button uses an advanced algorithm for matching its ad inventory with your reader’s unique characteristics.

The tallytoo button intelligently evaluates whether suitable ads exist before appearing on your page.

If no monetisation option exists, the tallytoo button does not appear.

New markets

Customers that previously resisted subscribing or paying for content become new and real sources of revenue.

Minimal risk, maximum gain

Integration of the tallytoo button comes at zero cost, and requires minimal modification to your website. There is literally nothing to lose!

Protect your brand

Tallytoo presents its carefully curated ads in the tallytoo overlay, a separate universe to your content. This separation frees you from worrying about the type of ad that appears on your website.

A clean editorial space

The tallytoo button is all that appears in your editorial spaces. You do not even need to consider inserting unsightly ads within your content.

Improve your revenues

Tallytoo's unique gamified ads provide a better return per interaction than traditional impression-based ads. Also, users who earn points elsewhere may also spend them on your site - you earn, even when no ads have been viewed!

An opportunity to diversify

The tallytoo button can coexist perfectly with your existing subscription, advertising and paywall revenue streams.