We reward your consumers for their attention

You provide a better quality, more engaging, interactive ad experience for your potential clients. When they interact with your ads we reward them with points, encouraging further willing engagements. It’s a virtuous cycle that benefits everyone!

Create your interactive ad

Either customize an existing tallytoo gamified ad-template, or create your own ad from scratch using html/css/javascript.

Submit your ad, specify your budget and targeting

You specify the criteria for matching your ad campaign to the right audience. We have an ever-growing set of criteria to use, with targeting data equitably provided by tallytoo users.

Full screen presentation, no distractions

We give your ad full priority, covering the entire desktop or mobile screen. No distractions, no fighting for attention!

Let your potential client play!

Your creativity unleashed, your potential clients have fun interacting with your mini-game, your interactive story, your useful tool…

The consumer earns a point, and you are billed

When the client accomplishes a certain task, or performs a required action, we reward him with a point. Only now are you billed for the interaction. No more wastage on unseen impressions. You pay only after a confirmed interaction!


increase in brand recall thanks to interactivity


... risk to your brand from undesirable content


... waste due to viewability problems

Interaction: the next holy grail of advertising

Mental implication, thorough assimilation, and better brand recall. Also, billing per interaction eliminates impression-based ad-fraud.

The winning effect

Winning points draws customers, which means that they are in a better frame of mind to receive your message. Happy customers are buying customers.

No waste, better return on investment

You do not pay per impression, only when the first point is awarded. This means you only pay for a confirmed assimilation event. Every cent of your budget counts.

Guaranteed brand integrity, with context

Since your ad appears in the full-screen tallytoo container, there is zero risk of appearing alongside suspect content. We screen our publishers to ensure high-quality association, and also allow you to limit your campaigns to certain publishers.

Feedback loop

Interactivity also means being able to actively engage your customers about what they like or dislike. For example, gather feedback about your latest range using an amusing swipe-right mechanism.

Capture the full attention of your customer

Tallytoo ads are presented in a high-quality full-screen container which is fully compatible with desktop and mobile screens. No fighting to be seen and no distractions. You get to use the full power of modern browsers to provide unprecedented creative experiences.