The name tallytoo is rather unusual as it departs from the classic verb mashing used by many a startup today.

But where did it come from?

Our company has the primary vision of ensuring that your attention has value, and that you are compensated for the attention that you spend on advertising. In order to accomplish this, we position ourselves as an objective third party that validates the attention you spend, and counts how much of it you spent. Think of an umpire in cricket, or a referee in rugby.

The word “tally” in fact suits our vision perfectly. Indeed, before the days of bank accounts, bankers, or even cash, a tally was a way of validating and proving what was owed between two parties. A piece of wood with a distinct shape was chosen, onto which notches were carved indicating the debt. The piece of wood was then split down the middle, each party getting either half.

I’m not sure when last you split a piece of wood, but it is *never* straight, and it is precisely this feature that made the tally so effective. When it came to reclaiming the debt, it was a simple matter of re-aligning the two halves. Cheating became quite difficult. If the two halves did not match, then the debt could not be validated. Also, if the number of notches did not match, it meant that some interference occurred at some point.

We like this idea of trustworthy counting, and hence the use of tally in our name.

The -too part is idiomatic of the multiple parties involved in the transaction (the consumer, the advertiser, the publisher – this is why it is not -two!). We tally for everyone, and ensure that everyone benefits.

And so tallytoo is born.

Final good news, the brand “tallytoo” was successfully registered on 27 October 2017 !