In short 3,45 billion euro.

Yes, that’s the amount reported by the 17th edition of the “Observatoire de l’epub”, published by the “Syndicat de régies internet” in January 2017, for the year of 2016. This amount represents a 7% increase from 2015.

Of course, this is a drop in the ocean compared to the 229 billion US dollars spent in global digital advertising, reported by eMarketer and repeated in the Salesforce advertising index report, Q1 2017.

Remember, these amounts are for digital advertising alone, and do not include print, radio or TV. In fact, the digital advertising expenditure surpassed TV expenditure for the first time in 2016, claiming 29,6% of the market against TV’s 28.1%. In third place was the print, with 20.2% of the market.

So we are talking about search ads, display ads and other types of digital advertising. Breaking the total expenditure down by category, the report cites the following amounts for each type of digital advertising:

  • Search: 1,89 billion €, up 4,3%
  • Display: 1,2 billion €, up 14,5%
  • Other (email, affiliation, etc): 447 million €, up 3,2%

With the strongest growth, the display market attributes its success to a rapid increase in social network advertising:

  • Display, outside of social networks: 750 million €, down 3%
  • Display, within social networks: 453 million €, up 62%

This being said, traditional display advertising still accounts for 62% of the total 1,2 billion € display market.

The phrase on everyone’s lips these days is programmatic, and the study confirms that 53% of the display market expenditure was on programmatic (representing 639 million €). Of this, 453 million € was spent in social networks.

The conclusion ? The French advertising market is alive and well, and is experiencing massive growth in all domains. Watch this space for the insertion of tallytoo !

And we’ll leave you with a silly bonus fact: the population of France was reported to be 66,9 million in 2016, making the total amount spent per person on digital advertising approximately 51,60 €.

That’s all for now!