How it works

Browse you favourite websites or apps

Tallytoo will partner with as many digital publishers we can, giving you free access to as much of your favourite content as possible.

Watch out for the tallytoo button

Wherever you see the tallytoo button, you can access the content for free by using your tallytoo points.
Websites decide how to use the tallytoo button: as a paywall or as a donation button.

Don't have any points?

No problem! Earn a few by interacting with our innovative gamified ads.

+1, +2, +3... keep earning points by interacting with as many ads as you like.

Use the tallytoo button to spend your points

When you have earned enough points, click the tallytoo button.

Enjoy your free content

Congratulations! You just accessed premium content without paying a cent or subscribing!


... the number of brands we are exposed to every day


... the average number of ads per article on news websites


... dollars spent globally on digital advertising


... what we earn for the brain-time we dedicate to all this advertising

tallytoo passes the value directly to you!

You are the direct beneficiary of the attention you spend on our ads. You can then decide when and where to spend your accumulated points.

Benefit from ads

... instead of being annoyed by them. For the first time, you directly benefit from the time you decide to spend consuming ads.

On your own time

You get to choose where and when to engage with ads and earn points. We don't interrupt you while you are trying to do something else. On the bus, waiting in line, in the loo... why not use unoccupied moments of your life to earn points for later.

Uninterrupted access

Having accumulated a number of points, you are guaranteed uninterrupted access to your favourite news article, video, or music: no paywalls, no subscription requests.

Fund the creators

... without paying a cent. When you spend a tallytoo point we ensure that publisher gets paid. Publishers can now concentrate on creating great content, instead of worrying about advertising.

Variety and freedom

Spend your point on any item, at any participating publisher. We don't lock you into any single subscription or any single publisher.

Ads with value

You get to choose which ads to engage with, so we must work harder to give you an experience that is valuable for you. Discover useful information or ideas, play a fun game, or even send feedback to advertisers about their offer.